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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A good few days

On Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, I was in training for my job and I really feel good about my work and my continued work with foster children and their families.

Friday's training was called "Secondary Trauma: The Cost of Caring". It was all about strategies to reduce the stress and strain working in Child Welfare can have on a person. It was like a full day of validation and relaxation. Excellent!!

Monday and Tuesday was a training on Motivational Interviewing. Erin began telling me about this when I was visiting in Missouri. She was so excited about it and now I know why. The trainer was very interesting and genuinely excited about this technique.

I really feel refreshed and that I have a new technique to use to help my clients help themselves. Now, back to work on the many, many voicemails I received while I was "checked out" for three days...but with a refreshed soul and a renewed confidence in my casework.


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