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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cultural competence

Ok, I was reading this article for my social justice class and it said that Mexican-Americans tend to prefer including their family in their medical decisions and have their medical diagnoses shared with the family or have the doctors give the information to the family first and they decide if the patient should hear it. Then it said something like, Mexican-Americans who were more "acculturated" tended to prefer patient autonomy, which is the "typical" Anglo-American view that the patient hears the news and decides on their own medical decisions.

My issues with this is the "acculturated" part. Who is to say that the typical Anglo-American view is the "right" one and that if a person begins to have views like a typical Anglo-American, THEN they are considered "acculturated". AAAARRGHHHH!!! This is crazy!

So, that's not really what the article was supposed to make me focus on, but considering the class and the discussions we are having, that statement just stood out to me like a sore thumb. Am I wrong?

Oh, by the way, I actually spoke up in class today...woohoo!!


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